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Day XXIII - XXIV: Sickness in SW Asia (Round Two!)

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This was worse than Singapore, so much worse. I was woken much earlier by the cramps than usual but this time there was an added sense of urgency - I have never been more glad of a private bathroom! The five metre dash game kept me occupied for about 4 hours, after which I was not only exhausted but also dangerously dehydrated. At 9am I attempted a walk to find water and a cup of tea, got as far as Mom's for a speedy facebook status update and then lost balance and had to ease my way back to bed. I lay there until checkout at midday, dreading the huge journey ahead of me to Bangkok that we'd booked the night before.

Walking out into the heat with my bag weighing heavy on weak shoulders was too much for my body to cope with, and I'm ashamed to say that halfway down the path to reception I was forced to use a wheelie bin as a giant sick-bowl. And then a drain. And then the reception bathroom. Charlie appeared late and confessed to having an upset stomach (though with his experiences in India he was better trained than I) and we instantly jumped to the conclusion that Mom had poisoned us. We made a point of telling them we were just fine when they asked as we passed, and Charlie led me stumbling through the forest to spend our last couple of hours on the posh beach. My drink order was fairly simple: one glass please, and directions to your nearest toilet. Both acquired, I set about making another Dioralyte cocktail which proved pointless moments later as I rushed through the bar at breakneck speeds.

I managed a distress call to Lucy via Skype between my shuttle runs and together we agreed that a 14hour bus to Bangkok wasn't a great plan. I headed back to the hotel and asked to cancel but it was too late and I lost my 650 baht. I did keep my boat transfer to the mainland though, and there we bumped into our Icelandic friends who had been up all night with food poisoning! Coincidence? No. Stupid rice.

The boat was tricky to manage on a wobbly stomach but I sensed that the worst was behind me and somehow made it onto the minibus transfer which I had understood would take me back to Krabi town so that I could find a bed to sleep it off. This wasn't the case and, long story short, I ended up miles out of town in the middle of an argument between Charlie and the greedy tour operator woman who was charging me another 150 baht for a taxi into town (despite the fact that I'd practically given her 650 baht, plus the 300 I'd paid to change the date of my bus). Eventually I'd had enough and coughed up the money, desperate to just get into bed. I was taken back to K Guest House where I knew I could get a more fancy room with air con and the all-important private bathroom. They seemed genuinely happy (and slightly concerned) to see me, and offered me a generous discount of 150 baht off the 650 baht room.

The rest of the day passed in a blur, and all I really remember after collapsing on the bed and setting the air con to 'arctic' is a couple of delirious phone calls to Lucy and being offered a taxi to the hospital by the guest house owner when I emerged to buy some water in the evening. Charlie and the Icelanders had carried on to Bangkok on the overnight bus, and I knew I had made the right decision to stay put.


The next morning started better, and I woke up to several supportive texts from Lucy, including the address for the hospital. I honestly don't know where I'd be without her! After getting up, the first test of the morning was to see if I could hold down fluids. Having successfully passed I made the wobbly walk up to the 7 eleven for water and then collapsed on the bed again. At 9am I ordered toast and took the malaria tablet I'd missed the night before. This was followed over the course of the day by most of my first aid kit, including paracetamol, ibuprofen and a probiotic multivitamin. I still didn't have the strength to face the bus, so I booked another night, handed over two kilos of laundry and walked to a payphone to change my ticket. When I got back I was happy to see that Doug was still here and we had a nice chat before the bus came to take him back to Hat Yai.

My afternoon was equally exciting, broken up only by a quick walk into town to buy postcards and a loaf of fruit bread to give me some much needed ballast and energy. A trip to the pharmacy restocked the rehydration sachets at 11p each, and after a couple of hours' WiFi access I headed back to bed and fell into an uninterrupted 9 hour sleep.

Don't eat the rice, folks.

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